Datalake creation with Terraform

Hello all,
I’m investigating the possibility of creating a Datalake with Terraform provider plugin v1.0.1 but in the documentation I don’t see any datalake configuration option for data stores, dbs or collections to use as data source (Terraform Registry).

However I see in the code there are some extra config parameters not shown in the documentation.

Is it a documentation error or the feature is not fully implemented?

Thanks and regards.

Hello @Marcos_Casarrubios , sorry for the delayed response here. You can indeed create and configure (to an extant) an Atlas Data Lake using terraform, but we don’t yet have support for managing the the various Databases, Collections, and Data Sources with Atlas Cluster sources.

I’m looking into how quickly we can add this, I’ll follow up here once I have an idea about when this should be available