Datadog Integration with the Enterprise MongoDB OpsManager, no metrics available in the datadog UI

Hi there,

I am evaluating the MongoDB OpsManager and have some trouble when activating the Datadog integration. I have updated the datadog.api.url value and added my datadog API key, but nothing seems to appear in datadog, and the integration seems to be for Atlas only (Atlas is off the table unfortunately due to contractual issues). The logs on the OpsManager pods seem to be happily trundling along with no errors either, but also no mention of sending metrics.

Is there a way to confirm OpsManager is sending metrics? Are the names of metrics sent defined anywhere so I can ask Datadog support to look for them?

Thank you!

Hi @DB_CA,

Apologies for the delayed response. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough information to say exactly what the problem is. However, here are some documentation links that may be helpful!

Also, please do open a MongoDB support case for this, as we should be logging DataDog publish attempts in the server logs. If that isn’t happening as you mentioned, our TSEs can help further investigate.