Databases got deleted after an upgrade


I ran out of space on my database and clicked to upgrade from to M2.
I clicked continue and everything and then I continued and all of my databases are gone.
On a production server.

Did I do something wrong?

Hi @Michael_Tarnorutsky1

I hope you take regular backups as you may need that to recover. Your first step will be to get in touch with MongoDB support.

If you have a backup I’d suggest creating a new Cluster and restore to that and leave your existing one to determine what the issue was upgrading tier.

You can use the in app chat support Mon-Fri. Or you can sign up for the free trial support.


Well, I texted them 3 hours ago and no reply since.
I also can’t purchase a new plan since I don’t have any database deployments since they were all deleted and I am afraid of making new ones.

I have a backup from a week ago thankfully but imagine the reliability of the cloud service if it can get deleted on upgrade like this.

In App support Mon - Fri response time may vary. It’s only just coming up to Monday in APAC, apply patience.

If you get past your fear of making a new cluster your could sign up for support and ‘start the timer’ for a response.