Database User Auth vs User Table Auth

Noob here.
Im going to be developing a SAAS application and I’ll be providing each customer with a database to support their app. Each customer will have their own users, anywhere between 100 - 5000 users with varying different predefined roles (admins, group admins,individuals etc).

Im used to using something like MySQL where we would usually store username and passwords in a users table and authenticating using a hashed password etc.

However, Im wondering if I can I can use the MongoDB users and users roles to authenticate against instead. So rather than creating a separate set of users and roles within the application, just use the users and roles within MongoDB and something like Passport.js to handle the tokes etc.

Thanks in advance.

Yes, you can use MongoDB built-in user authentication and roles for user authentication in your SAAS application. It eliminated the need of separate user management system and allow to use MongoDB security features.