Database Trigger Limitations

So I currently have an application in Production and also have another project for my development stage.
Now I am running across the following problem:
My production environment is a paid cluster (M10) while my development environment is free. The MongoDB Atlas Triggers however have a limitation based on the tier. As a result, I am now limited to 5 triggers, as I first develop and test on my development environment and then push those changes to production, where more triggers would potentially be allowed.

Is there any way to make the Database Trigger limit based on the highest purchased tier in that account/organisation, as this seems like a very bad design, especially if the MongoDB team recommends using a seperate project for each stage. Assuming I had 4 stages, I would need all 4 stages to be on a paid tier to implement and test all my triggers (assuming they go beyond 5).

Or is there anything wrong with my application design?