Database tools for macOS ARM64

I just got a shiny new Mac for development, only to discover that a lot of the software I use doesn’t run on Apple’s Silicon (M1,M2) chips.

It seems that although MongoDB Community server 6.x supports ARM64, but the database tools package does not. I tried this via Homebrew and also directly from the official downloads page.

Homebrew will happily install these as mongodb-database-tools which is part of the mongodb-community@6.0 package, but they cannot be run (“Bad CPU type in executable”). The official downloads page shows only “macOS x86_64” for v100.0.7 which is the same one.

How can I use these tools from my Mac (without Rosetta).

Did I missing something? Do I just have to wait for an ARM64 release?

I know this is ironic, but you’re going to have to use the Rosetta versions of everything, because ironically despite the M series chips being standard across MBD, they haven’t migrated a lot of the tools and infra over to supporting it natively.

It’ll be some time, I’ve gone around it on my M1 “natively” via emulation which took about a month to even get working. And otherwise it needs Rosetta when it can use it.

Thanks for the reply.

Here’s irony for you… I planned to run my test cluster under VirtualBox with Vagrant to get around compatibility issues. But… that won’t run on ARM64 either! Now looking at buying a Mini PC to run Linux on my local network.

Trust me, I feel that irony. Being an M1 Mac user myself, and knowing that M1 and M2 Macs are standard issue at MBD, there’s a lot of irony on everything.