Database Tools 100.7.4 Released

We are pleased to announce version 100.7.4 of the MongoDB Database Tools.

This release fixes issues with mongorestore that ommitted all namespaces containing “admin” when
restoring to an Atlas Proxy Cluster. This release also fixes an issue with mongodump where the
process failed against clusters using Atlas Online Archive.

The Database Tools are available on the MongoDB Download Center. Installation
instructions and documentation can be found on Questions and inquiries can be asked on the MongoDB Developer Community Forum. Please make sure to tag forum posts with database-tools. Bugs and feature requests can be reported in the Database Tools Jira where a list of current issues can be found.


  • [TOOLS-3338] - Mongorestore to Atlas Proxy fails for any collection containing "admin"
  • [TOOLS-3344] - Mongodump does not work with Atlas Data Federation.

What’s the difference between mongodb cli and the mongodb Atlas cli?

mongocli is for managing deployments connected to Cloud Manager or Ops Manager.

atlas (atlas cli) is for managing atlas: databases, federation, atlas security, backups, private endpoints etc…

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Thanks, @chris … thought I saw that the mongocli also managed Atlas deployments.

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