Database Tools 100.7.0 Released

We are pleased to announce version 100.7.0 of the MongoDB Database Tools.

This release adds tests against MongoDB 6.3. Highlights include new tests for Column Store Indexes, updating the minimum Go version to 1.19, fixing a bug that caused the Tools to ignore a password supplied via a prompt. Several build failures are also fixed in this version.

The Database Tools are available on the MongoDB Download Center.
Installation instructions and documentation can be found on
Questions and inquiries can be asked on the MongoDB Developer Community Forum.
Please make sure to tag forum posts with database-tools.
Bugs and feature requests can be reported in the Database Tools Jira where a list of current issues can be found.


  • [TOOLS-3243] - Tools produce error about missing password after prompting for a password



  • [TOOLS-3169] - Upgrade Go to 1.19
  • [TOOLS-3202] - Fix legacy-jstests failure with latest Server (6.1)
  • [TOOLS-3208] - Investigate test failures in HEAD and make more tickets as needed
  • [TOOLS-3229] - Ignore admin database in dump/restore for atlasProxy
  • [TOOLS-3241] - Fix flaky TestFailDuringResharding test
  • [TOOLS-3247] - Remove mongo-tools support for ZAP PPC64LE Ubuntu 16.04
  • [TOOLS-3248] - Fix TestRestoreTimeseriesCollections for server 6.3+
  • [TOOLS-3249] - Remove mongo-tools support for server version 3.4 on MacOS
  • [TOOLS-3250] - Fix aws-auth task failures
  • [TOOLS-3251] - Update common.yml to run tests with 6.3
  • [TOOLS-3252] - Test support for Columnstore Indexes
  • [TOOLS-3255] - Fix qa-tests-3.4
  • [TOOLS-3256] - Make the push tasks only run on git tags
  • [TOOLS-3257] - Override deprecated mongo shell functions to fix qa-tests-latest
  • [TOOLS-3259] - Remove 6.3 tests on `ZAP s390x RHEL 7.2` and `ZAP PPC64LE RHEL 8.1`
  • [TOOLS-3260] - Fix qa-tests on Debian 11

does database tools version 100.7.0 supports the dumpa and restore with mongodb 3.0 version?

Hi @Bhagyashree_Patil, No it doesn’t support 3.0. You can learn more about Database Tools compatibility here:

The End of Life date for MongoDB 3.0 was 5 years ago. We highly recommend you upgrade your deployment to a newer version.