Database Tools 100.4.0 Released

We are pleased to announce version 100.4.0 of the MongoDB Database Tools.

This release includes server 5.0 support, including dump/restoring timeseries collections.

The Database Tools are available on the MongoDB Download Center. Installation instructions and documentation can be found on Questions and inquiries can be asked on the MongoDB Developer Community Forum. Please make sure to tag forum posts with database-tools . Bugs and feature requests can be reported in the Database Tools Jira where a list of current issues can be found.

Build Failure

  • [TOOLS-2892] - aws-auth tests failing on all variants
  • [TOOLS-2893] - legacy-js-tests 4.4 and 5.0 failing on all variants



  • [TOOLS-2041] - Mongorestore should handle duplicate key errors during oplog replay
  • [TOOLS-2833] - Creating an index with partialFilterExpression during oplogReplay fails
  • [TOOLS-2925] - RPM packages are only signed with the 4.4 auth token

New Feature

  • [TOOLS-2857] - Dump timeseries collections
  • [TOOLS-2858] - Mongodump can query timeseries collections by metadata
  • [TOOLS-2859] - Restore timeseries collections
  • [TOOLS-2860] - Include/Exclude/Rename timeseries collections in mongorestore


  • [TOOLS-2719] - Add Enterprise RHEL 8 zSeries to Tools
  • [TOOLS-2721] - Add RHEL8 ARM to Tools
  • [TOOLS-2777] - Generate Full JSON variant should not be running on every commit
  • [TOOLS-2823] - Build with go 1.16
  • [TOOLS-2824] - Add static analysis task that runs “evergreen validate”
  • [TOOLS-2849] - Mongodump should fail during resharding
  • [TOOLS-2850] - Mongorestore should fail when restoring geoHaystack indexes to 4.9.0
  • [TOOLS-2851] - importCollection command should cause mongodump to fail
  • [TOOLS-2853] - Hide deprecated --slaveOk option
  • [TOOLS-2866] - Drop support for zSeries platforms
  • [TOOLS-2873] - Run full test suite on all supported distros in evergreen
  • [TOOLS-2881] - Push tools releases to 4.9+ linux repos
  • [TOOLS-2921] - Upgrade to Go Driver 1.6