Database Tools 100.2.0 Released

We are pleased to announce version 100.2.0 of the MongoDB Database Tools.

This release deprecates the --sslAllowInvalidHostnames and --sslAllowInvalidCertificates flags in favor of a new --tlsInsecure flag. The mongofiles put and mongofiles get commands can now accept a list of file names. There is a new mongofiles get_regex command to retrieve all files matching a regex pattern. The 100.2.0 release also contains fixes for several bugs. It fixes a bug introduced in version 100.1.0 that made it impossible to connect to clusers with an SRV connection string (TOOLS-2711).

The Database Tools are available on the MongoDB Download Center. Installation instructions and documentation can be found on Questions and inquiries can be asked on the MongoDB Developer Community Forum. Please make sure to tag forum posts with database-tools . Bugs and feature requests can be reported in the Database Tools Jira where a list of current issues can be found.

Build Failure

  • [TOOLS-2693] - Most tasks failing on race detector variant
  • [TOOLS-2737] - Fix TLS tests on Mac and Windows
  • [TOOLS-2747] - Git tag release process does not work



  • [TOOLS-2587] - sslAllowInvalidHostnames bypass ssl/tls server certification validation entirely
  • [TOOLS-2688] - mongodump does not handle EOF when passing in the password as STDIN
  • [TOOLS-2706] - tar: implausibly old time stamp error on Amazon Linux/RHEL
  • [TOOLS-2708] - Atlas recommended connection string for mongostat doesn’t work
  • [TOOLS-2710] - Non-zero index key values are not preserved in ConvertLegacyIndexes
  • [TOOLS-2711] - Tools fail with “a direct connection cannot be made if multiple hosts are specified” if mongodb+srv URI or a legacy uri containing multiple mongos is specified
  • [TOOLS-2716] - mongodb-database-tools package should break older versions of mongodb-*-tools

New Feature

  • [TOOLS-2667] - Support list of files for put and get subcommands in mongofiles
  • [TOOLS-2668] - Create regex interface for getting files from remote FS in mongofiles


  • [TOOLS-2674] - Clarify contribution guidelines
  • [TOOLS-2700] - Use git tags for triggering release versions
  • [TOOLS-2701] - Log target linux repo in push task