Database Tools 100.1.0 Released

We are pleased to announce version 100.1.0 of the MongoDB Database Tools.

This release officially adds support for MongoDB 4.4.
In addition to various bug fixes, it adds support for MongoDB 4.4’s new MONGODB-AWS authentication mechanism.

The Database Tools are available on the MongoDB Download Center.
Installation instructions and documentation can be found on
Questions and inquiries can be asked on the MongoDB Developer Community Forum.
Please make sure to tag forum posts with database-tools.
Bugs and feature requests can be reported in the Database Tools Jira where a list of current issues can be found.

Build Failure

  • [TOOLS-2604] - integration-4.4-cluster is failing on master
  • [TOOLS-2638] - Test-case failure for mongorestore
  • [TOOLS-2643] - New linux distros missing from repo-config.yaml



  • [TOOLS-2287] - URI parser incorrectly prints unsupported parameter warnings
  • [TOOLS-2337] - nsInclude does not work with percent encoded namespaces
  • [TOOLS-2366] - ^C isn't handled by mongodump
  • [TOOLS-2494] - mongorestore thorw error "panic: close of closed channel"
  • [TOOLS-2531] - mongorestore hung if restoring views with --preserveUUID --drop options
  • [TOOLS-2596] - DBTools --help links to old Manual doc pages
  • [TOOLS-2597] - swallows errors from URI parsing
  • [TOOLS-2609] - Detached signatures incorrectly appearing in download JSON
  • [TOOLS-2622] - Tools do not build following README instructions
  • [TOOLS-2669] - macOS zip archive structure incorrect
  • [TOOLS-2670] - Troubleshoot IAM auth options errors

New Feature


  • [TOOLS-2363] - Update warning message for "mongorestore"
  • [TOOLS-2476] - Notarize builds for macOS catalina
  • [TOOLS-2505] - Add missing 4.4 Platforms
  • [TOOLS-2534] - Ignore startIndexBuild and abortIndexBuild oplog entries in oplog replay
  • [TOOLS-2535] - commitIndexBuild and createIndexes oplog entries should build indexes with the createIndexes command during oplog replay
  • [TOOLS-2554] - Remove ReplSetTest file dependencies from repo
  • [TOOLS-2569] - Update tools to go driver 1.4.0
  • [TOOLS-2618] - Refactor AWS IAM auth testing code
  • [TOOLS-2628] - Add 3.4 tests to evg
  • [TOOLS-2644] - Update barque authentication
  • [TOOLS-2650] - Create changelog for tools releases
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