Database size in a single shard

I’m luca and I’m studyng Mongo onprem documentation for build the right configuration for my customer.
I would like to know if there is any size (TB) limit for each shard.
For instance can I have a single shard with 1TB or 10TB ? or after a certain size I have to add some shards?
or there is a formula among storage ram cpu to maintain the right performance ( aka mongodb best practices)

I can’t find this type of information in the documentation

thank you

Not sure if there’s any such limit. But even if there is one, i doubt if you will ever reach that limit. I mean you will probably already see a performance degradation/too high infra cost before you have so much data.

Thank you Kobe
what do you mean with “so much data” ? 1TB less than 1TB , more than 1TB or in region of 10TB.
I don’t want to reach degradation to know the limit, I have to right size the infra now, exactly to avoid the degradation tomorrow