Database is taking too long to load

When I try to load web pages that require a database on a local host, the loading time increases substantially. The same issue happens when I try to browse my collection on MongoDB. The 13 mb collection does not load on the browser and results in a “data explorer operation for request timed out” error since it takes longer than 45 seconds to load. It does load on Compass but takes a long time to do so.

I am using the free database tier, but this is my first time experiencing such egregious loading times.

what’s this? what is your query like?
Are you trying to find({}) on that 13m collection?

Yes, we are. Our query hasn’t changed since before today, so I don’t understand why it takes a long time to load.

I don’t think it has anything to do with our code since it takes about 3 minutes for me to look at a 13mb collection on MongoDB Compass.