Database has an unsupported version (24) and cannot be upgraded

I’m trying to use realm studio to open a realm database file and when trying to I am getting the error message “Database has an unsupported version (24) and cannot be upgraded, No Schema selected.” Current Configuration, xcode is version 15.3, Realm installed using swift package manager Realm Master version (2f0274f) and RealmDatabase 14.5.0, and Realm Studio is version 14.1.2.

Everything appears to work correctly via Xcode and when I run the app. I and add, update, and delete items from the realm database without issue or error. I have deleted the realm db files directly from finder and let them rebuild and everything via Xcode runs correctly. However, same thing happens when I try and open the file via realm studio. No matter what I do I can’t open the realm file via realm studio.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

You need studio 15 to open that file format.


The link to Realm Studio Releases

Thank you. Exactly what I was looking for.