DataAccess Path

Hello team

We are planning to migrate from RDBMS to MongoDB.
As part of this migration, we want to determine the data access paths on existing RDBMS.

  1. Could you please tell how can I go about finding this data access paths for my application using RDBMS?

  2. If the existing RDBMS has some 100 tables, do we need to create corresponding 100 collections in MongoDB? Would there be any effect on performance with this 1-1 mapping of RDBMS tables to MongoDB collections? What should be ratio of RDBMS tables to MongoDB collections in an ideal migration?

  3. Do we have to manually write scripts for creation of collections on MongoDB after the step 2 above?

Can you provide more details about what you mean by

As for some of the questions:

No you don’t.

Probably but it is hard to quantify. It depends of your use cases.

Hard to say, it depends of your use cases.

Certainly if your do not map 1-1 from RDBMS. Probably, otherwise, but you might find off the shell open source software to do it.

I would recommend that you start by taking at least the following courses from MongoDB University: M001, M100 and M320.