Data Modeling for Google Bigquery

Attached is a sample of my table structure currently.

My data source is from Google Campaign manager. When I extract the different tables as indicated in the sheet, I get a difference in figures(I am taking over from a person who did the initial design). E.g Impressions might be one figure in my “fact table” and another figure somewhere else.

Problem is, there are no primary keys and also tying the tables to one another is also difficult, link might be between dates. The database is Google Bigquery.

Do you have any idea how to do a proper data design with this type of marketing data and does it need to be denormalised? From research I gathered, Bigquery data design is best as denormalised.

I would also like to move away from spreadsheets, I believe this is also part of the chaos.

I believe CM360 Data Platform is my fact table.

[CM360_Tables Overview.xlsx - Google Sheets]

[etl_process.txt - Google Drive]

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Unfortunately your question about using Google BigQuery isn’t on topic for our community expertise (MongoDB).

I recommend you post on Stack Overflow with the google-bigquery tag to reach a more relevant audience who can provide feedback.

The Google Cloud Community Support Overview should also be a useful reference for starting points.