Data Missing After MongoDB Cluster Upgrade

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Urgent Help Needed: Data Missing After MongoDB Cluster Upgrade

Hello, I urgently need assistance with an issue I’m facing after upgrading my MongoDB cluster. I recently upgraded from a shared cluster with a 5GB limit to an M10 cluster, and increased the storage capacity to 30GB. However, post-upgrade, I am unable to see any of my data through the web console or MongoDB Compass, despite the dashboard indicating about 8GB of data usage.

I’ve attempted to resolve the issue by performing a “Test Resilience” operation and switching the primary node, but none of these actions have resolved the problem. I have also reached out to online support, where the engineer instructed me to simply wait and explicitly advised against shutting down or terminating the cluster. Meanwhile, my billing continues to accumulate, and I’m at a loss about what to do next.

This situation is quite frustrating as it not only affects our operations but also incurs unnecessary costs. Can someone please advise on immediate steps I can take or escalate this to someone who can assist more effectively?

Contact MongoDB support. Either or use in the in-app chat.

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