Data collection sctructure schema

Im currently creating a database to store university data. I will have 3 types of users (student, professor, admin) in which they will all contain the same sign up data e.g.(username, password), but will have different specialized data e.g. (professorID, studentEnrollement,…).
Should I store all 3 user types in the same collection under User or store them in each separate collection (student, professor and admin)?

It depends on what your read patterns are, and what your performance requirements are. If you are dealing with a few thousand records then it would probably be simpler to keep them all in the same collection. If you are dealing with hundreds of thousands of records you might want to add a ‘type’ field which could be part of an index or even (later) part of a shard key so that you can isolate queries for different types of users from each other.