Custom query operator

Hello! This is my first post and I am extremely frustrated trying to solve this issue.

I have a document with a Date string.
I want to query documents that fall on a particular day of the week by checking this date property.
This would require me to manipulate the property before applying a logical operator that checks equivalency.

I found the $where and $function operators that seem to allow this custom functionality:

However, neither of these methods are functional and for the life of me I cannot figure out why. I have also tried "Model.aggregate({ $match: { $function: … " instead of .find() with the same problems.

I am trying to avoid needing separate properties for Date/Day/Hour information but it’s looking like I have no other choice

Hello :wave: @Kevin_Rancourt,

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Based on your shared information I presume the document is as follows:

  "_id": ObjectId("123456789012345678901234"),
  "title": "Sample Date Document",
  "someDate": "2022-04-17T12:30:00Z"

Considering, you want to query for documents with a “someDate” property that falls on a Monday, I have written a MongoDB aggregation pipeline using $match, $toDate and $dayOfWeek to retrieve documents with a “someDate” property that falls on a ‘Monday’:

const agg = [
    '$match': {
      '$expr': {
        '$eq': [
          { '$dayOfWeek': {'date': {'$toDate': '$someDate' } } }, 2
        ] }
const client = await MongoClient.connect(
  { useNewUrlParser: true, useUnifiedTopology: true }
const coll = client.db('sampleDb').collection('sampleColl');
const result = await coll.aggregate(agg).toArray();
await client.close();

It uses the $match stage to filter documents based on a logical expression, defined using the $expr operator. Inside that, the $dayOfWeek operator is used to extract the day of the week from the “someDate” after converting it to a Date object using $toDate, and the resulting value is compared to the numeric value for Monday, which is 2.

I hope this helps. If you have any further questions or require additional assistance, please provide sample documents and your expected output.


Thank you very much for your help.

If I could trouble you for just one more thing.

In the following example, I am trying to filter a collection based on a property the client determines. All documents that include a specific user account
This would require the object to follow the format { “friends.user”: {$in: [ _id ] } }

The client needs this field to be populated in case they decide to edit it.
I cannot refer to the field as obj.friends.user.$in because the singular field is called “friends.user”, it is not a nested object like {friends: {user: … } }
In which case, the property would be referenced using : obj[“friends.user”]

This is a problem because the populate method requires the path as a string, and I cannot have a string within a string such as: Model.populate(“obj[‘friends.user’].$in”)

Would there be a way for this format to function the way I intend? Or is there a better way to format the filter object in the first place so that this isn’t even an issue?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hello @Kevin_Rancourt,

Can you please open a new topic with the sample documents, code snippets, the expected output, and the versions of MongoDB and Node.js you are using?