[CSHARP driver] : Are wait queue size and server selection wait queue size relevant?

We’ve had issues regarding wait queue size when running load tests in the past. At some point, the exception The wait queue for acquiring a connection to server {0} is full was raised so we decided to increase MongoDbClientSettings.WaitQueueSize. With that, everything seemed fine.

We recently upgraded the driver to the latest version and we saw that MongoDbClientSettings.WaitQueueSize was deprecated. Looking into the driver’s code, it seems the wait queue is a deprecated feature as per a comment in ExclusiveConnectionPool.AcquireConnection ("// enter the wait-queue, deprecated feature"). Is is going to be removed from further versions of the driver ?

I think that if the WaitQueueSize parameter is to be removed, the whole wait queue exception mechanic should also be removed from the driver. Also, the wait queue mechanic/exception forces clients to implement some logic around throttling, but isn’t it the driver’s responsibility (or even the server’s responsibility) ?

The same question applies for the MaxServerSelectionWaitQueueSize parameter.

Thanks a lot