Crist is looking for a project!

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I am an Database developer, usually I work with RDBMS, but I’m interested in Mongo.
I like the idea of @michael_hoeller “Can news indicate a stock price change”

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Welcome @Crist - glad to have you.

I love @michael_hoeller 's idea too - hopefully so do others and you can collaborate? Why respond to that in the Projects looking for Hackers category and see who bites?

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Hello Crist,

Can we team-up and work on the project together?


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Hello @Ayo_Exbizy ,
Yes , we can team-up to work on the project together.


Thanks @Shane_McAllister for the support

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Hello Crist,

Thanks for the feedback, that’s great.

Lets schedule a session to meet and discuss the project.

Is there any platform you propose for us to have discussions?

Thank you

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Hallo @Ayo_Exbizy and @Crist
as mentioned I am limited due to some sudden high workload, in case you like I can offer to support when it comes to MongoDB questions. I like this idea, this would have been my choice. Please do not feel pushed, this is your project. I mentioned to support if asked with the idea, so I stand by it.

Hello @michael_hoeller @Ayo_Exbizy
I was looking at the GDELT data and the CAMEO trying to figure out what could be usefull for the project.
In this first attempt to find news related to the crypto and maybe with Actor type GOV that could be the class of Actor with more impact in this world.

Do you have any suggestions about the platform?


Hello @michael_hoeller @Crist ,
Can we schedule a google meet to discuss the options for this project in detail?

Let me know which time is okay by the two of you, I am in GMT+1 time zone.

Thank you

I can be available on Friday between 16:00 CET (14:00 UTC) and 19:00 CET (17:00 UTC).

for me it’s ok on Friday between 16:00 CET (14:00 UTC) and 19:00 CET (17:00 UTC)


Thanks for the feedback @Crist @michael_hoeller

The time is okay for me too.

Looking forward to meeting you guys, meanwhile @michael_hoeller @Shane_McAllister Can you help confirm the links to the reference documents for this project?

Hi the GDELT DB does not contain the summary of news, so searching thru this is not an option without extra work. I am not aware of a CAMEO Code coming close to “crypto” or bitcoin.
Filtering on “title” and “sourceURL” can be an option to get the tone from the remaining documents, maybe this can correlate the stock price?
In case it comes to the point that the filter on title and sourceURL turns out to be a weak filter, it also could be an option not to filter but to try to find a correlation from the Goldstein score + tone to the bitcoin price.

Can you send me your eMail Addresses via DM to schedule a meeting on Friday 16:00 - 17:00 CET

@nraboy has been streaming a project that includes a metadata scraper - maybe you’d also find this useful!

Hello @Crist @michael_hoeller,

Have you shared the meeting link?

Yes I did