Creation of read user

Hi Team,

I have created a read only user but when I login with the credentials and try to test of Read only user is able to do write operations, It is allowing the user to do all write operations.

Why is read user able to write as well.

When i checked the configuration file it doesn’t have authorization enabled , So should we enable authorization for read user to be created?

Now that the server is running without auth enabled and in case I enable what will be the risk to existing user and application connected to it?

Will there be breakdown and users cant connect?
Please provide info on the same how to get the user created as READ only.

Please provide required information as to how to get this user created?

I think a lot of reading is in order.

Enjoy the documentation.

Hi Sir,

I hv created the user with role as READ for a db , that read access is also able to do write operations. My ask was why it is allowing to do write operations when i hv given READ only? My query was should we enable authorization in config file ?

The link I provide answer this question with YES.