Creating two separate databases in the same Atlas cluster (M10)

I need to have two separate databases (currently have one called “worker”) for the purpose of backing/restoring them up separately from each other. They also do contain very different data, however there’s one single app that will connect to both databases.

I’m unsure how to achieve this second database within the same existing M10 cluster (which is very underutilized). Could you please advise?

Also, I’ve created a second database locally (Octopussy) but where do I find it? I’ve searched for that specific name and even for the two collections names but can’t find them:

EDIT: was able to locate the local MongoDb files with this answer: macos - Location of the mongodb database on mac - Stack Overflow but I can’t identify the format here whereas from mongodumps taken from Atlas the individual collections are all in easy to identify (and copy) files. Seems that isn’t the same for the local db.

The reason I’m asking for such a specific file that holds the database is that I need to share it with a freelancer who works with me. I don’t want to share both databases, just one of them.

Thanks in advance!

Your screenshot shows that you are connected to localhost , not to Atlas.

Yes, that’s because it was related to the last part of my question (which I could answer myself).

I have been in contact with MongoDb CS in the meantime and they explained to me that one can have up to 100 databases under a cluster. So that solves my problem too, I have already created the second database with the DbCompass app (on Atlas itself).

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