Creating replica set of stand alone db

Hi, I have a stand alone Mongodb database running on ec2. The data size is about 30gb now. I am now wanting to add 2 replica sets with the existing one. Is it possible now ? Or can I only shard of any existing collection coming at this data size ? What kind of precaution will I need ?

Hi @Md_Mahadi_Hossain,

I believe you are mixing some of the trems we use for MongoDB.

If you wish to have replica set with 3 nodes by adding 2 replicates members you can convert the standalone to a replica set with the following guide:

Please note that you will have to change your applications connection string to a replica set type.

However, sharding is adding shards which are additional set of replica sets added with components to stripe your data across those multiple replica sets. Only than you need to shard collections which is set the field that will devide them.

I would not shard an environment with 30gb , I would start consider sharding around 1TB or more.

I would say that running on aws is best done by MongoDB Atlas as it allows you flexibility , ease of management and live secure migration.


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