Creating different Search Indexes based on key/value pair within collection

I’m trying to create a Search Index for one of the collections in my database that is in a Shared Cluster, but it fails because this collection has more than 300 fields limitation for Shared Clusters (specifically: 332). Creating dynamic mappings is critical for us, we don’t want to limit the number of mapped fields. To bypass this limitation, I’m thinking of creating multiple indexes for this collection, each index based on a different key/value pair that all documents in this collection have. For example, let’s imagine all documents in this collection have the path "type", which can have one of three values: “house”, “car”, or “person”. Then I would like to create three Search Indexes, one for documents with { "type": "house" }, another for documents with { "type": "car" }, and a last one for documents with { "type": "person" }. Can this be done and, if so, how do I specify the key/value pair condition?

Could you specific based on the field? Therefore using field mappings?