Creating an IMongoQueryable<T> from List<T>


I have an issue with substituting a method which returns IMongoQueryable.
The method:

        public IMongoQueryable<T> GetGetMyTypeQueryable()
            private readonly IMongoCollection<T> _collection;

            return _collection.AsQueryable();

Method is shortened for brevity purposes, but general idea is that it returns an IMongoQueryable.
The IMongoQueryable is used to Inject() a generated filter later and order documents before making a call to get the data (ToListAsync()):

var result = _mongoDBService.GetGetMyTypeQueryable();
var filter = GenerateFilterDefinition(requestFilter); //returns FilterDefinition<MyMessageType>

var queryableResult = result
    .Where(x => filter.Inject())

The code works fine.
The issue I have is trying to cover with unit tests using NSubstitute and XUnit.

Ideally I would like to get back an IMongoQueryable from a IEnumerable.
I tried with the following extension method:

        public static IMongoQueryable<T> GenerateIMongoQueryable<T>(List<T> listToMock)
            var expectedQueryable = listToMock.AsQueryable();
            var mockQueryable = Substitute.For<IMongoQueryable<T>>();


            return mockQueryable;

But this gives me the following error when running the unit test (specifically in .Where(x => filter.Inject()) part):

System.InvalidCastException : Unable to cast object of type 'System.Linq.EnumerableQuery`1[MyMessageType]' to type 'MongoDB.Driver.Linq.IMongoQueryable`1[MyMessageType]'.

As I can see the AsQueryable method IMongoQueryable AsQueryable is an extension of IMongoCollection. How can I create an IMongoQueryable from List to be used for testing?

Thanks in advance.

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I need this solution too. Please consider making this possible.