createSession is not defined


I am trying out to see how realm sdk for react native works. There is no issue to do: npm run android. However if I use vscode to do debug with the app, I got some error:

ReferenceError: createSession is not defined

The whole debug output:

OS: win32 x64
Adapter node: v12.8.1 x64
vscode-chrome-debug-core: 6.8.8
Starting debugger app worker.
Established a connection with the Proxy (Packager) to the React Native application
Debugger worker loaded runtime on port 23489
Require cycle: node_modules\realm\lib\browser\util.js -> node_modules\realm\lib\browser\rpc.js -> node_modules\realm\lib\browser\util.js

Require cycles are allowed, but can result in uninitialized values. Consider refactoring to remove the need for a cycle.
ReferenceError: createSession is not defined
Invariant Violation: Module AppRegistry is not a registered callable module (calling runApplication)
Invariant Violation: Module AppRegistry is not a registered callable module (calling runApplication)

I searched createSession in the whole project, I found:
in index.bundle file (under .vscode/.react directory):
rpc.registerTypeConverter(_constants.objectTypes.SESSION, createSession);
Realm[] = rpc.createSession(refreshAccessTokenCallback, debugHosts[i] + ‘:’ + debugPort);

in file (under .vscode/.react directory):

So it seems createSession should be defined, but current sdk realm@10.0.0-beta.9 does not have it.

Can someone from realm js team provide some insight how to bypass this issue?


@jerry_he Can you file an issue here with a reproduction app please and we still take a look -

Can you please tell me the exact URL to report issue?

My current account has Support: Basic Plan, which does not allow me to create support request.

However in my first post, I already outline the steps to reproduce the issue. Here I put additional info as below

git clone from
do: npm install under rn/
open vscode to setup debug session with reactnative
and start debug session for android (use device or simulator), the error would showed on the console of debug session

If I dont start debug session , but just launch app by: npm run android
then there is no error. So debug session opens up something more

Its on the github issues tab - the realm client is open source so any user can file an issue. That is where bug reports should go because supports monitors that channel. The forums is designed for general code questions and collaboration on app design for the community