createSearchIndexes not working

I read the recent update claiming that createSearchIndex has been implemented in both Node.js and mongosh, namely (from the changelog):
" For Atlas clusters running MongoDB 6.0.8 or later, introduces ability to create and manage Atlas Search indexes from mongosh and NodeJS driver"

However, as reported on the Be able to create Search indexes from Mongo shell – MongoDB Feedback Engine page, I still see “createSearchIndex is not a function” (in mongosh) and “command not found!” (in Node.js).
I am running respectively:
mongosh v 1.10.1 (and have readWrite on the target db)
NodeJS v. 18.17.1 with mongodb driver as per npm installation (it turns out to be 6.0.0 in the package.json that results).

Can you please shed some light?

Hey @Stefano_Odoardi,

To further assist you, could you please share the full command you are trying to run and confirm that you are using the MongoDB Atlas M10+ tier?


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OK I see now, it just escaped me that one needs to have M10 +, also because the notification I received didn’t mention that explicitly