Create a mongo View using Java with {"allowDiskUse":true}

hi All,
I want to create ciew in Mongo from Java and also i want to ensure none of my vview stage gives memory exceeded error.So how can i create a view in Mongo from java with {“allowDiskUse”:true}

Hi there,

Once SERVER-63208 is completed, allowDiskUse will be enabled by default, and that will apply to queries on views as well. Until then, you will have to specify allowDiskUse:true whenever you run a query (find or aggregate) against the view.


thanks a lot for the reply @Jeffrey_Yemin .Any idea when it will be completed?

@Jeffrey_Yemin so after is completed then in view creation this issue of memory exceeded limit will not come right?

We’re hopeful that it will be included in the 6.0 release in June. Please watch the ticket for updates to the fix version.

@Jeffrey_Yemin is the update done?