Crash "This version of MongoDB is too recent..." when updating from 4.2.8 to 4.4.1


On our application we have been updating our Mongo database from 3.X every now and then and we were at 4.2.8 when we decided to move to 4.4.1. The problem is that after installing 4.4.1 trying to run mongod crashes. When looking mongo.log I see the following error:

This version of MongoDB is too recent to start up on the existing data files. Try MongoDB 4.2 or earlier.

What could be the cause?


Hi @Moises_Bonilla and welcome in the MongoDB Community :muscle: !

How did you perform the upgrade? What’s your MDB configuration (standalone, replica set) ?

Did you follow the documentation?


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Have you met this prerequisite ?

The 4.2 instance must have featureCompatibilityVersion set to "4.2" . To check featureCompatibilityVersion :

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It’s decided: I won’t try to update dev on Friday anymore. I was querying the wrong server ^^U

It was the featureCompatibilityVersion, once updated everything worked.

Thanks both and sorry for bothering you!


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