Course content: Why Non-Relational? Why MongoDB?


Enrich your curriculum with our newest course, Why Non-Relational? Why MongoDB?. This four hour course is specially designed for Educators with MongoDB knowledge, who want to start teaching MongoDB.

You’ll gain a deeper understanding of MongoDB and Non-Relational, both their similarities and their differences to existing relational databases. Lessons will introduce you to key concepts and provide material to help both introduce and contextualise the subject matter to your students. The course specifically elaborates on:

  • What are the key criteria for modern general purpose databases
  • What are the differences and the advantages to Non-Relational when compared to SQL
  • What is the architecture of MongoDB
  • How schemas, queries, and indexes are designed and function within MongoDB

As a supplemental tool, you’ll also discover that some lessons provide one or more quizzes to test your student’s knowledge.

Download the content here and start teaching MongoDB :slight_smile:

Do you have any questions or feedback about the material? Please let us know in the comments.


Hi there. The content downloading link is broken. Thanks

Hi @JuanRa_Educa!

Welcome to the forums and thanks for letting us know!

This course is now part of our recently launched course content Introduction to Modern Databases. You can download that course, including the “why non relational, why MongoDB? Slides here.

I will update the link :slight_smile: