Could you please continue to support database version 9?

Support for database version 9 ended with v10.49.0.
When using database version 9 Realm files, the app crashes immediately after launch.

Thread 1: Fatal error: try! expression unexpectedly raised an error: Error Domain=io.realm Code=16 Database has an unsupported version (9) and cannot be upgraded UserInfo={Error Name=UnsupportedFileFormatVersion, NSLocalizedDescription=Database has an unsupported version (9) and cannot be upgraded, Error Code=16}

Version 9 was the latest version only 4 years ago.
Isn’t that too soon?

Users who use the app frequently can avoid the crash, but users who haven’t launched the app in several years have a local database that is still at version 9.

Of course, I will continue to use v10.48.1 with version 9 support for a while.
However, there is always the possibility that Apple will require mandatory updates to third party libraries (like the recent Privacy Manifests thing).
I don’t want to receive tons of “app no longer launches” complaints and 1 star ratings from users who haven’t launched my app in years.

And why was such a significant change introduced in a minor update?

I used a translation tool to write this and apologize in advance if I am rude.