Could you confirm Polling and Webhook is supported by Mongo DB Atlas Rest Endpoints or JDBC

HI ,

Could you confirm Polling Or Webhook is supported by Mongo DB Atlas Rest Endpoints or JDBC.
Can you provide doumentation for this .


Hello @Shubhangi_Pawar .

As per this documentation on Third-Party Service

Webhooks have been renamed to HTTPS Endpoints with no change in behavior.

Third party services and push notifications in App Services have been deprecated in favor of creating HTTP endpoints that use external dependencies in functions.

Let me know if you have any additional questions, would be happy to help! :slight_smile:


Thanks, Tarun, for your quick response.

Yes. We have few more queries, It would be helpful if you answer it.

1.Do we have rest endpoint for also listing db names and listing all collection name

2.SCRAM,X509 Authentication, LDAP, Kerberos Authentication mechanism – this Authentication mechanism is for Database User login, right? We are not using it externally when we connect to db with Rest Endpoints.

3.For rest endpoints Authentication mechanism (Authentication Provider) is :API key, email-password, JWT token – From I am understanding we can get bearer token and refresh token.

I tried from postman ,getting below response. “Authentication via local-userpass is unsupported”, same observed with apikey and annon-user.

  1. What is connection parameter difference between jdbc connection and rest endpoint connection? What parameter comes in jdbc connection and
    what parameter comes while configuring through REST Endpoints. Could you share rest endpoint doc for connection request and refresh token request ?


Hello @Shubhangi_Pawar ,

I saw that Andrew replied on your other similar post.
Please feel free to open a new thread for any additional queries.