Could the switch to v0.60 VSC extension, defaulting to Mongosh be handled better?


So I tend to read the change log and the look at the GitHub notes, but for others who aren’t using the mongosh and don’t read the change log, could the transition of the default be handled better?

Maybe some kind of prompt, with a link? The first people may see when when launching a shell from the connection panel, is the above error.

What are the advantages of moving to the mongosh btw?


Hi @NeilM, thank you for reporting this. Tbh, I thought VS Code would handle this change a bit better and not change the configuration for existing users. We’ll look at how we can make it a bit smoother.

In terms of advantages, mongosh, which is now GA, provides a more modern shell experience, and since we announced the GA on Monday, it is now the default shell for MongoDB that everybody should start using. See the announcement here: The new MongoDB Shell is GA! | MongoDB Blog.

The legacy mongo shell, starting with MongoDB 5.0, is deprecated and will print out a deprecation warning. That’s why we decided to make the switch in VS Code.


To be honest, I can’t remember if I changed the setting, or the extension changed it for me.

Maybe creating a “Getting Started” walk through on the Welcome Page for the extension. A good way of incorporating the installation of Mongosh into general user familiarization steps for the extension.

This is something that VSC incorporated in 1.57.

Minute 1.56

Edit: removed some text when I realized I had already been answered and I was repeating myself. My wife tells me I do go on and on and on. :slight_smile: