Could I use Robomongo insted of compass connection?

Please let me know if anyone have used to connect Robomongo.

Thank you !

Hi Nikhil_40499,

If you just want to connect and explore MongoDB, you can surely use RoboMongo, but there are some Labs which is based on Schema feature of Compass.


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Okay. Thanks @Kanika :slight_smile:

Can you give me simple steps to connect Robomongo ?

Given configuration I used to connect server but unable to connect.

we are looking for options to connect to MongoDB which is on Linux Server. What are the possible options (Robomongo,Compass, linux cmd)? and which is the best way to connect to MongoShell ?

Hi Divya_26030,

You can use linux command line or Compass to connect to Mongo Shell. I say Compass because it is needed and easy way to explore MongoDB like Schema, aggregation pipeline etc.