Copying documents between QA and Prod environment in separate Atlas projects

I’ve two MongoDB Atlas projects (QA and Prod). Each environment is setup as a separate project in MongoDB Atlas. Both have same database and collections. However, now I’ve to copy some customer data (customers, products and orders) from QA to Prod instances.

I’m working with following setup:

  • Nodejs backend with Angular frontend.
  • 19 MongoDB collections, each in QA and Prod
  • out of these, 10 collections are related/referenced with IDs (one to many relation)
  • 03 collections have references with themselves (parent/child documents)
  • 02 MongoDB collections (products and users) has fields to store urls for media files stored in S3 buckets with similar architecture (S3 QA server & S3 Prod server).

My question is how can I copy data for a particular organization (along with its products, orders, sales and other related data spread in various collections) between two MongoDB projects along with related data from one S3 bucket to another?