Converting MongoDB Atlas from Replica Sets to a Single Node

I currently using the Mongodb atlas there are three nodes in Mongodb one was primary other two are belong too secondary and Replication sets .I want to convert that has single node i dont want other Replication node is that possible how?

Hi @Jegadesh_A,

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If I understand correctly, you want to convert your MongoDB Atlas from a replica set to a single node. However, it is not possible to configure this change because “MongoDB Atlas” is a cloud database service managed by MongoDB. By default, in the free shared tier it spins up a 3 replica set member (PSS) that provides redundancy and high availability.

If you are looking to run a single-node replica, you can do so either locally or on-premises.

May I ask why you want to convert it to a single node? Can you help me understand your use case?

Looking forward to hearing from you.