Converting Bson to Json issue

Hey guys,

So I have structs that look like this:

type Product struct {
	ProductName string    `bson:"productName,omitempty" json:"productName"`
	ProductID   string    `json:"productID" bson:"productID,omitempty"`
	Variants    []Variant `json:"variants" bson:"variants,omitempty"`
type Variant struct {
	VariantID   string  `json:"variantID" bson:"variantID,omitempty"`
	VariantName string  `json:"variantName" bson:"variantName,omitempty"`
	Size        string  `json:"size" bson:"size,omitempty"`
	Image       string  `json:"image" bson:"image,omitempty"`
	Quantity    int     `json:"quantity" bson:"quantity,omitempty"`
	Price       float64 `json:"price" bson:"price,omitempty"`

And I’m trying to decode bson from my database into the structs. Here is the code:

coll := client.Database(DbName).Collection(ProductCollectionName)
cursor, _ := coll.Find(ctx, bson.M{})

for cursor.Next(ctx) {
   var p Product
   err := cursor.Decode(&p) 
   if err != nil {
      fmt.Println(err) // prints "error decoding key variants: cannot decode document into Variant"
   fmt.Println(p) // prints ProductName and ProductID fine, prints an empty array for Variants

I was wondering what I would have to do to adjust my code so the document gets decoded into Variants properly as well?