Convert string to number

I need to do this
db.statistics1.find().forEach( function (d) {
d.Active= parseInt(d.Active);;
but the name of files is Tax Rate, yes, a blank space in the middle of the name
I’ve a export json file. All fields in document are string
I need to convert some fields into integer and float

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You can post a sample document with the fields you are facing problems with.

If you have a field with spaces like tax rate, refer it by surrounding with quotes (can use single or double quotes). For example,

db.collection.find( { "tax rate": 8 } )

Also, see this topic in the MongoDB Manual: Document - Field Names.

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Hi, thanks
The find function works fine. This is not the problem
The problem is this script
db.statistics1.find().forEach( function (d) {
d.“Tax Rate”= parseFloat(d.“Tax Rate”);;
does not work. I need to access to value of “Tax Rate” element in order to change it from string to float/numeric

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@Felipe_Fernandez, you can do this:

       .forEach(d => { 
                       d['tax rate'] = parseFloat(d['tax rate']); 
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Works!. Thanks a lot

Note that you don’t need to modify the documents in the shell, you can use $toDouble (or any other conversion function) in update command to modify the field.


     db.test.update({}, [ {$set:{ "tax rate" : {$toDouble: "$tax rate"}}} ], {multi:true})

will do the same thing your script is doing without bringing documents to the client and without potential race conditions. You can use $toInt, $toLong or $convert if you want to specify more options.


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