Convert MongoDB Java filters to mongoShell or Node type filter

How can I change mongoDB filters in Java drivers to mongoShell format, is there any functionality in Java Driver code base that is actually doing that.

I want to send these queries to a node server which will connect to mongoDB and then fetch the data and give it back to my java application.

I have similar requirement. Did u get any solution to this???

I am not familiar with the builder classes since I avoid using this extra layer and that I usually develops the queries and aggregations in mongosh.

I would try to simply print the result of toString(). I imagine that it will output the JSON equivalent, which is the mongosh and nodejs format.

yes, u can do that, just use Codecs, and it’s very easy to do

    private CodecRegistry codecRegistry = com.mongodb.MongoClientSettings.getDefaultCodecRegistry();
    private UuidRepresentation uuidRepresentation = UuidRepresentation.JAVA_LEGACY;

 BsonDocument filterDoc = filter.toBsonDocument(BsonDocument.class, createRegistry(codecRegistry, uuidRepresentation));