Conversion from ICollection<Model> to List<Model> fails with Exception for LINQV3 Provider


I am getting MongoDb.Driver.Linq.ExpressionNotSupported exception when trying to convert a collection into a list and it started to happen when I upgraded the MongoDbDriver to 2.19 and above.

When I tried using LinqV2 provider then my code works fine. Below is the snippet over which I am getting the error:

Repo.Get().Select(x => new Model
Property = (List)x.Property1

Here is Property is type of List and x.Property is of type ICollection

Below is the error:
MongoDB.Driver.Linq.ExpressionNotSupportedException: Expression not supported: Convert(x.Property, List1) because conversion to System.Collections.Generic.List1[Model.NewModel] is not supported

Could you please let me know by when it is going to be supported as I didn’t found any solution for it yet.