Continuous backups for MongoDB Community edition (4.2+)


I am currently looking out for solutions that provide “point in time” restore for MongoDB community edition databases (database version 4.2).

What do I mean by “point in time” restore?
At any point of time in the past ‘X’ days, we should be in a position to restore the latest backup of the database and roll forward the Oplogs so that the data loss is minimized till the last Oplog backup.

After my extensive search, I thought either OpsManger or CloudManager would resolve this issue.

After POC with OpsManger, I got the below screen shot saying that “Continuous Backups” are supported only for MongoDB Enterprise builds. So, I’m kind of stuck here… :slight_smile: I also assume the issue is same with CloudManager as both CloudManager and OpsManger are using the same software.

If someone has gone through this scenario, could you please provide your thoughts/suggestions?


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Beyond evaluation/development you require a license(Enterprised Advanced) for OpsManager anyway.

My solution was a hidden(non-voting) replica backed by ZFS. Using ZFS autosnapshots.

The recovery wasn’t turnkey, but was able to do PITR.

Thanks @chris for the inputs.