Continuous Backup Snapshot Replication?

I read in the documentation that “For multi-region Atlas clusters, Atlas stores backup data for the cluster in a data center specific to the geographical location of the cluster’s Preferred Region.”. Would anyone know if it is possible to replicate these snapshots to another region? For example, say my Preferred Region is us-east-1, could I then replicate those snapshots to us-west-2 for disaster recovery purposes?

I am also looking to do this, did you find a good solution at all?

No, I haven’t received any reply nor have I come up with any solution as yet.

Hi @Gary_Hampson and @sean_redmond,

Atlas currently does not have a feature to replicate backup snapshots to a second region.

There is an existing feature suggestion in the MongoDB Feedback Engine you can watch, upvote, and comment on: Atlas backup to second region.