Consulting/Tutoring Opportunity for Experienced Realm User

I am setting up a GraphQL API using Mongo/Realm and have some questions about how to set up my GraphQL schema/queries and write some functions/custom resolvers. I am an experienced computer user but not a developer; I am using GraphQL as a tool in another profession.

Mostly I am seeking someone who can do a Zoom or Teams screen-sharing session to tutor me as I work through these setup issues. The Realm functions are straightforward but might need to be done offline if time requires that.

Is anyone interestg in a freelance per-hour gig to help with this?

Hey @Richard_Kaplan,

I did a conference recently about how to create a GraphQL API using Realm & how to query it using Realm Authentication.

I’m not really answering your demand here, but I hope this helps a bit.


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