Connexion probleme (code=exited, status=48)

Hello everyone ,

i have a probleme i follow the official tutorial to install mongodb but i can’t active my connection.
I would like to install mongodb on my Ovh vps server on ubuntu 20.04.

when i execute mongo

i can see my database and user

Screenshot from 2020-10-05 12-07-26

this is my network listen

this is my last mongo log :

this is my mongod.conf

my mongodb.service

thank you for your help.

Hi @Quentin_Valenti and welcome in the MongoDB Community :muscle: !

First, looks like your mongod.service is failing to start because you already have another mongod running and using the port 27017 on this machine.

ps aux | grep "mongod"

This command above will help you find the other instance already running.

Second: You MUST activate the authentication! As you are apparently setting up a prod cluster, I would recommend reading the production notes. There are a lot of “details” to consider.


Hi @Quentin_Valenti,

In addition to the Production Notes as mentioned by @MaBeuLux88, I would also like to add that for any production-facing deployment, following the Security Checklist is also strongly recommended.

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