Connectivity Issues when connect to mongodb from vps

Hello so I have a vps that Im using to deploy my apps, today I want to deplooy my app that needs Mongodb, on local machine there isn’t any issues but when deploying it looks like the vps can’t connect to the databse, even though i already allowed all ip adresses!,the vps that im using only support ipv6

Hi @mr_gamers - Welcome to the community :wave:

Could you clarify if the MongoDB deployment you’re attempting to connect to is self hosted or on MongoDB Atlas?

In the case you are attempting to connect to an Atlas deployment then this won’t be possible at the time of this message as Atlas only allows client connections to the database deployment from entries in the project’s IP access list which currently only allows IPv4 addresses.

You can vote for the related feedback post about IPv6 support if the above details relate to your use case.


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