Connections % of configured limit has gone above 80

I develop a small pet project which is mobile app in React Native. Noone uses it now. I have cluster M0 and today I got massive number of allerts saying Connections % of configured limit has gone above 80
Here I found some advices:

  • Restart the application which is currently making connections to your Atlas cluster.
  • Remove IP addresses from your IP whitelist for your project. Please note that removing the IP addresses from a given project will remove access to all clusters in that project.

And may questions are:

  • which application should I restart and how? There is only one app which has not been used during last 6 hours (there is no activity in logs)
  • where is the IP whitelist? In Security -> Network Access there is only one IP on the list - mine
  • how can I list the connections and kill them?

I had the same thing happen to me starting at approximately 9:34pm PST. I’m on the same tier (M0), have been using RealmSwift for prototyping on this cluster, and can no longer connect to it. (I can’t even browse collections, or connect via shell.)

I’m very interested to know whats going on; M0 free tier doesn’t support log downloading, so the tools for debugging this are few.


Same problem for me with a M0 tier!

Hey All, There is an issue with the proxy service for the free-tier only on Atlas - the team is working on a fix now, stay tuned.


Appears to have been resolved - thanks @Ian_Ward !


We are also getting the same issue on M0. The weird thing is that my machine was shut down and no one was using the app we are prototyping. Can’t access the DB and collections anymore.

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Today I too received an alert from Mongodb Atlas for M0 cluster. According to Cluster overview there are 427 open connections, where 500 is the limit. There are only one or two users using our system currently that too aren’t proactive users. There is very less possibility to open this number of connections as connection is not created every time, instead connection pooling is used. Can someone suggest what could be the reason for this?

Is this still an open issue?

I’ve been receiving similar notifications on an m0 instance


Same here, I have 40+ connections on a M0 even though the app is still in development and there are very few devices connected to it. How exactly does Realm manage connections to Atlas Clusters? Do we need to close the connections somehow?

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I got issue today, it’s on our dev environment and there’re very few devices (<5) connect to it

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M0 cluster has 80 connections even though the only app which is still in development is shutdown. How do we debug this? It is 2 years since the OP, but I don’t see any concrete steps/actions/help.