Connection via VPC Peering with MongoDB Serverless Cluster

Hello Everyone

I want to ask four questions:

  1. Can I use VPC Peering with AWS on serverless cluster
  2. Can I connect with AWS using Private Link on serverless cluster.
  3. Can I use App Service Device Sync.
  4. Lastly can I use App Service Triggers with serverless cluster.


Hi @Dev_Teqexpert - Welcome to the community.

No, as per the Serverless Instance Limitations documentation serverless instances do not currently support Network Peering (VPC/VNet) configurations.

You can set up AWS PrivateLink for serverless instances using the Atlas UI or the Atlas Administration API. Please refer to the Set Up a Private Endpoint for a Serverless Instance documentation.

As per the Unsupported Actions documentation for serverless instances, use of Atlas Triggers and Atlas Device Sync are currently unsupported for serverless instances.

Hope the above answers your questions.


Hi @Jason_Tran, Thanks for the response.

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