Connection timeout over VPN, unable to access the service

How can I enable access to database through my private VPN?
I don’t want to disable VPN every time I want yo use your services, which is a lot of downtime for my VPN secured connection.
I rly cannot youse your services for development and I am considering alternatives…

Hi Michal,

Generally speaking if you wish you connect via a VPN you will want to either transitively connect via an AWS DirectConnect or Azure ExpressRoute through an Atlas Private Endpoint or if your VPN is more of a stand-alone set-up, you would want to add the public IP address of whatever your VPN reaches out to the public internet with to your Atlas IP Access List

Let us know if that helps

Hi Andrew,

Thank you for response. I’m using proton VPN, I’ve allowed IP address, this is not a problem. The problem is that I receive timeouts though VPN and can not connect at all.
For now I’m using docker mongo cluster locally, and I’m seriously considering using my own setup for dev and prod environments instead of atlas because of this.


Please cut-n-paste the exact error message that you get.

Just a timeout.
The same command works without VPN in multiple locations (IPs)

mongosh "mongodb+srv://" --apiVersion 1 --username MY_USERNAME
Enter password: ****************
Current Mongosh Log ID:	640XXXXXXXXXXXXX
Connecting to:		mongodb+srv://<credentials>
MongoServerSelectionError: Server selection timed out after 30000 ms

I would contact the VPN provider.

But before try to enforce the VPN to use Google’s DNS and/or