Connection refused when using text search

When executing a normal query I don’t have an issue, however, when executing a text search I receive the following error:
MongoError: Remote error from mongot :: caused by :: Error connecting to localhost:28000 ( :: caused by :: Connection refused

I am using mongodb node library to execute query. Same code was working up until yesterday.

Hi Vincent,

It looks like some issue with the mongot service on Atlas. I suggest you reach out to support or the chat for further investigation.



This is an an older issue, but adding some further context for those who may be encountering the same error.

The Atlas Search process (mongot) doesn’t get installed until the first search index is defined. If you haven’t created any search indexes yet, doing so should resolve this error.

If you definitely have Atlas Search indexes defined, please open an issue with Atlas support for further investigation into your cluster.


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